Zenith Defy Skyline 36 03.9400.670/18.I001 Pro and Cons

The Zenith Defy Skyline 36 03.9400.670/18.I001 is a classic timepiece that combines luxury aesthetics with advanced functionality. As with any watch, it has its share of pros and cons. In this review, we will examine the various aspects of the Zenith Defy Skyline 36 and discuss its advantages and drawbacks in detail.


  1. Design: The Zenith Defy Skyline 36 boasts an elegant and sophisticated design. The polished stainless steel case gives it a timeless appeal, while the exhibition caseback allows you to admire the intricate movement inside. The bezel is adorned with diamonds, providing an added touch of luxury. Overall, it is a visually stunning watch that can elevate any outfit.
  2. Size: With a diameter of 36mm, the Zenith Defy Skyline 36 is considered a mid-sized watch. This makes it suitable for both men and women, ensuring a comfortable fit on most wrists. The slightly smaller size is also great for those who prefer a more understated and refined look.
  3. Movement: One of the standout features of the Zenith Defy Skyline 36 is its movement. It is powered by the Zenith Elite 670 SK automatic movement, which is known for its accuracy and reliability. The movement has a power reserve of approximately 50 hours, providing ample timekeeping even if the watch is not worn for a couple of days.
  4. Skyline Collection: The Zenith Defy Skyline 36 is part of the Skyline collection, which is inspired by urban landscapes. The dial of this watch is an interpretation of a city skyline, featuring a combination of brushed and textured finishes. This unique design element sets it apart from other watches on the market and appeals to those who appreciate artistic creativity.
  5. Water Resistance: The Zenith Defy Skyline 36 has a water resistance rating of 100 meters (330 feet). This means that it is suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and even some recreational diving. The inclusion of such a high water resistance rating adds to the versatility and practicality of this timepiece.


  1. Price: The Zenith Defy Skyline 36 is a luxury watch, and with that, comes a higher price tag. This watch may not be affordable for everyone, especially those on a tight budget. However, it is important to note that the price reflects the craftsmanship, quality, and exclusivity associated with the Zenith brand.
  2. Limited Availability: As with many luxury watches, the Zenith Defy Skyline 36 may have limited availability. It may not be as readily accessible as mass-produced timepieces, and you may need to visit authorized retailers or boutiques to purchase it. This limited availability can make it more challenging to acquire, especially if you are not located near a physical store.
  3. Diamond Bezel: While the diamond-encrusted bezel adds a touch of opulence, it can be a subjective factor for some buyers. Not everyone may be a fan of diamond accents or may prefer a simpler and more understated bezel design.
  4. Exhibition Caseback: While the exhibition caseback allows you to appreciate the movement, it also means that the watch is more prone to scratches and dings on the back. This is something to keep in mind if you prefer a watch that maintains its pristine condition for a longer period.
  5. Traditional Clasp: The Zenith Defy Skyline 36 features a traditional pin buckle clasp. While it is functional and secure, some may prefer a more modern and convenient deployment clasp or folding buckle. This is purely a matter of personal preference and may not be a concern for everyone.

In conclusion, the Zenith Defy Skyline 36 03.9400.670/18.I001 is a stunning timepiece with a range of impressive features. From its elegant design to its accurate movement and excellent water resistance, it has much to offer to watch enthusiasts. However, the higher price, limited availability, and subjective aspects like the diamond bezel and traditional clasp should be considered before making a purchase. Ultimately, it is a matter of personal taste and budget when deciding if this watch aligns with your preferences and requirements.