Tudor Royal 28403-0005 Pro and Cons

Tudor is a well-known Swiss luxury watchmaker that has gained a reputation for creating high-quality timepieces with impeccable craftsmanship. The Tudor Royal 28403-0005 is one of their prominent models, renowned for its elegance, reliability, and functionality. In this article, we will delve into the pros and cons of the Tudor Royal 28403-0005, providing you with a detailed analysis of this exceptional timepiece.


  1. Design: The Tudor Royal 28403-0005 boasts a sophisticated and timeless design. It features a 41mm stainless steel case that exudes a robust yet refined look. The combination of polished and satin-finished surfaces adds depth and dimension to the watch, making it suitable for both formal and casual occasions.
  2. Dial: The dial of the Tudor Royal 28403-0005 is a standout feature. It is adorned with a stunning silver sunray finish that catches the light beautifully, imparting a luxurious feel. The applied hour markers and hands are delicately crafted, providing excellent legibility against the backdrop of the dial.
  3. Versatility: This model comes with a stainless steel bracelet, giving it a versatile appeal. The bracelet is comfortable to wear and can seamlessly transition from a professional setting to a more relaxed, everyday environment.
  4. Movement: The Tudor Royal 28403-0005 is equipped with a reliable automatic movement, ensuring accurate timekeeping. Tudor’s commitment to quality is evident in the precise and smooth operation of the movement.
  5. Water Resistance: With a water resistance rating of up to 100 meters, this timepiece is suitable for recreational swimming and snorkeling. The added durability and protection against water damage make it a practical choice for those who enjoy water-related activities.
  6. Price: Compared to other luxury watch brands, Tudor offers exceptional value for money. The Tudor Royal 28403-0005 provides a high-end experience at a more accessible price point, making it an attractive option for both seasoned watch collectors and newcomers to the luxury watch market.
  7. Heritage: As a sister brand of Rolex, Tudor benefits from the expertise and heritage of one of the most esteemed watch manufacturers in the world. The Tudor Royal 28403-0005 showcases the brand’s commitment to quality, precision, and timeless design, reflecting the rich horological history of the company.


  1. Limited Availability: Tudor is known for its exclusivity, and the Tudor Royal 28403-0005 is no exception. The limited availability of certain Tudor models can make them difficult to purchase, and potential buyers may need to wait or explore alternative avenues to obtain this timepiece.
  2. Size: The 41mm case size of the Tudor Royal 28403-0005 may be too large for individuals with smaller wrists or those who prefer a more understated timepiece. It is essential to try on the watch before making a purchase to ensure that it fits comfortably and suits your personal style.
  3. Lack of Complications: While the Tudor Royal 28403-0005 offers essential timekeeping functions, such as hours, minutes, and seconds, it does not include additional complications such as a date or chronograph feature. Some individuals may prefer a more complex watch with additional functions.
  4. Brand Recognition: Although Tudor has gained recognition in the luxury watch industry, it may not have the same level of brand prestige as its sister brand, Rolex. This may influence the perception of some potential buyers who prefer a more renowned or established luxury watchmaker.

In conclusion, the Tudor Royal 28403-0005 is a remarkable timepiece that combines elegance, reliability, and functionality. Its sophisticated design, precise movement, versatile appeal, and relatively affordable price point make it an excellent choice for watch enthusiasts looking for a luxurious yet accessible option. However, limited availability, size considerations, a lack of complications, and potential differences in brand recognition should be taken into account when deciding if this timepiece aligns with your preferences and requirements.

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