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Hi Folks,

Keyboy here from timezone365 and i’m the owner for timezone365.com. If we haven’t met before, great to meet you now and never too late! You can also find timezone365 floating around the group, creating awesome watch talks and posts.

Our Facebook group, Forum and Website full of amazing people at all around the world that create post here. A place for current and past timezone365 members and watch enthusiasts alike, who wish to share and affiliated with timezone365, place to Buy/Sell/Trade at our Facebook group. Don’t just shoot everything out, however we only want mainly watches, jewellery, writing instrument. Everyone here have to fellow our “house rules” to make sure you get the most out of the group (and the group gets the most of you, too!)

1) Enjoy Posting

2) Our Aim (Reach 10,000 Members)🙏🏻🙏🏻

3) Remember – Be Cool. Not Being A Jerkface. (Jerkface is, of course, timezone365’s word).

4) When you’ve got a question, be sure to search the group for any past discussions on the same topic! There are a-ton of repeated questions (especially regarding watches) and you can probably find an existing in-depth conversation about it more quickly than people can answer a new post.

5) We have been involved in a lot of Facebook groups, and the most successful ones are super focused. So, let’s definitely keep the conversation focused on creating posts. In other words, this is not the place to a time wasting Mastermind group (or anything else that will use up your valuable time). We alway stay focused!

6) If you have a tech support question / issue please email admin@ (as opposed to posting it in the group). We will take excellent care of you.

7) Remember, this group is about the community and all of you. While Keyboy does pop in now and then with words of encouragement and please do not tag him in posts. He will pick up interesting posts to post on the forum. It is best to address questions to the group, and peers will provide you a wealth of information. Visit

8) Shameless self promotion is NOT what this group is about, Interacting with your timezone365 peers? Getting feedback? Giving feedback? Sharing accomplishments? Asking for help from your peers? Yes! That is what it is all about.

Group Admins will invite hundreds of people DAILY and strongly encourage people to actively post (BUY/ SELL/ DISCUSS/ COMPARE/ ADVERTISE/ SHARE/ COMMENT/ LIKE/ CHAT)

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read through everything above and for being a part of the timezone365 Facebook group! And remember, don’t let Facebook ba a distraction from hitting your online goals!

Don’t Forget to Add Your Friends / Buddies into Our Group Too😂👍,as part of support to us. Enjoy Everyone & Have A Good Day!


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About timezone365 information

timezone365™ is the global destination for both luxury pre-owned/new timepieces, offering an expertly curated larger inventory of luxury pre-owned/new watches for sale. Our website gather seller and buyer to connect with each other on a one-on-one basis and with passion. We provide to best place for personalized client services, educational opportunities and astute editorial content.

People who love luxury watches inspire us as much as precious timepieces. That’s why sellers and buyers of luxury watches have our undivided attention.With the timezone365 operates under the premise that time is your greatest luxury, and pricing transparency is paramount to establish trust. Our seller are some of the most passionate watch enthusiasts in the business, maintaining a level of knowledge regarding the history, nuances of current collections and pulse of the secondary marketplace to welcome you to our website, lend expert council and keep you captivated.

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