Publisher Tips

Visit the menu section of your account (top right corner) and optimize your communication settings for success:

Go to your Account Profile page and fill in the Publisher Webpage with an overview of your affiliate overall.

Opt in for advertisers to recruit you for their program. Go to ‘Communications Preferences’ and check the box labeled ‘Non-Joined Advertiser Opportunities,’ then Save Changes.

Receive email notifications when an advertiser adjusts their commission rate. Go to ‘Communications Preferences’ and check the ‘Commission Rate Changes’ box.

Helpful Resources

TimeCom Affiliate Network | Publisher Jumpstart

Earn More with Cost-Per-Action Advertising

TimeCom Affiliate Network makes it easy for website publishers to connect with quality advertising banners, URL, QRcode to earn a performance fee for driving sales or leads.

Getting Started With TimeCom Affiliate Network

Review Our Terms, Policies, and Guidelines

Before joining TimeCom Affiliate Network, read though our terms, policies, and
software guidelines. By signing up for a TimeCom Affiliate Network account, you
agree to comply with these aspects of the program.

Sign Up For TimeCom Affiliate Network

In order to join TimeCom Affiliate Network and receive payment by paypal or skrill, you’ll need an
approved TimeCom Affiliate Publisher account. Sign up for a TimeCom Affiliate Publisher account using the same username as your login. You’ll receive an email notification once you’re approved.

Join Advertiser Programs

Sign in to your TimeCom Affiliate Network account and click the Advertisers tab. Switch “Relationship Status” in the drop-down menu to ‘Available’ and find the programs that you want to promote. You can see some high-level performance metrics, review program terms and apply.

Implement Advertiser Links

There are multiple ways to retrieve links for products and promotions from
your approved advertisers.

Links Tab

Filter and search for promotions from advertisers. Get creative and tracking links directly from the interface.

Products Tab

Filter and search for specific products from advertisers. Get creative and tracking links directly from the interface.

Link Subscriptions

Sign up to receive an automated file containing the newest promotional offers and creative ads from your approved advertisers.

Product Feeds

Receive data files containing product information for your approved advertisers via FTP.