Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea M136660-0003 Pro and Cons

The Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea M136660-0003 is a highly regarded timepiece from the renowned luxury watch brand Rolex. It is an iconic member of the Sea-Dweller family, known for its exceptional performance and extreme water resistance. In this review, we will discuss the pros and cons of the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea M136660-0003, exploring its design, features, and overall value. Let’s dive right into it.


1. Extreme Waterproofing: The most notable feature of the Deepsea M136660-0003 is its remarkable water resistance, capable of withstanding depths of up to 3,900 meters (12,800 feet). This makes it an ideal companion for professional divers who venture into the deepest parts of the ocean.

2. Robust Build Quality: Rolex is renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship, and the Deepsea M136660-0003 is no exception. The watch is built with high-quality materials, including a robust stainless steel case that ensures durability and longevity.

3. Size and Presence: With a 44mm diameter, the Deepsea M136660-0003 boasts an impressive presence on the wrist. This larger-than-average size not only enhances legibility but also adds to its sporty and masculine aesthetic.

4. Helium Escape Valve (HEV): The inclusion of a Helium Escape Valve is crucial for saturation divers who spend extended periods in pressurized environments. The HEV allows the release of helium molecules that may infiltrate the watch during decompression.

5. Luminous Chromalight Display: The Deepsea M136660-0003 features Rolex’s signature Chromalight luminescent display. This luminous material emits a long-lasting blue glow, offering excellent legibility in dark diving conditions.

6. Caliber 3235 Movement: The Deepsea M136660-0003 is equipped with Rolex’s in-house Caliber 3235 movement. This self-winding mechanical movement offers exceptional accuracy, a power reserve of up to 70 hours, and features innovative technologies that enhance overall reliability.

7. Date Function and Cyclops Lens: The watch features a practical date function, showcased at the three o’clock position. The Cyclops lens, which magnifies the date window by 2.5 times, enables easy legibility even in challenging conditions.

8. Solid Bracelet and Clasp: The Deepsea M136660-0003 comes with a sturdy stainless steel Oyster bracelet featuring Rolex’s Glidelock extension system. This allows for quick adjustments, ensuring a comfortable fit over a diving suit.

9. Iconic Design: The watch has a timeless, instantly recognizable design with a unidirectional rotating bezel and a black dial adorned with oversized luminous hour markers. Its classic yet sporty aesthetic appeals to both divers and watch enthusiasts alike.


1. Size and Weight: The Deepsea M136660-0003’s larger size may not be suitable for those with smaller wrists or those who prefer more understated timepieces. Additionally, its weight and substantial presence on the wrist might take some getting used to.

2. Limited Versatility: While designed primarily for diving, the Deepsea M136660-0003’s rugged and sporty appearance might limit its suitability for formal or dressier occasions. It is a watch that truly excels in its intended environment

.3. Expensive: As with all Rolex timepieces, the Deepsea M136660-0003 bears a hefty price tag. The combination of its exceptional craftsmanship, features, and exclusivity contributes to its high cost, making it less accessible to some buyers.

4. Lack of Color Options: Unlike some other watches in the Rolex lineup, the Deepsea M136660-0003 only comes in a single color variation. While the black dial and bezel are traditional and iconic, some individuals might prefer additional color choices.

5. Thick Profile: The Deepsea M136660-0003 has a thicker profile compared to other Rolex models. While this adds to its sturdy construction, it might not fit seamlessly under a dress shirt cuff or be as comfortable for everyday wear.

In conclusion, the Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea M136660-0003 is an exceptional timepiece that impresses with its extreme water resistance, robust build quality, and iconic design. Its pros include outstanding waterproofing capabilities, a durable construction, and useful features like the Helium Escape Valve and Chromalight display. However, some potential cons to consider are its larger size, limited versatility, higher price point, lack of color options, and thicker profile. Ultimately, the Deepsea M136660-0003 appeals to diving enthusiasts and those who desire a rugged, high-performance luxury watch.

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