Rolex GMT-Master II M126710BLRO-0001 Pro and Cons

Rolex GMT-Master II M126710BLRO-0001 is an iconic timepiece known for its precision, durability, and functionality. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the pros and cons of this renowned watch, providing you with in-depth information to help you make an informed decision when considering purchasing it.


  1. Superb Craftsmanship: Rolex is synonymous with quality and attention to detail. The GMT-Master II M126710BLRO-0001 is no exception. Crafted with precision, this timepiece exhibits flawless finishing, exquisite design, and superior aesthetics. Every component is meticulously assembled to ensure perfection.
  2. Highly Accurate Movement: Being COSC-certified, this watch guarantees exceptional accuracy. It is equipped with Rolex’s in-house movement, the Caliber 3285, which boasts a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. The movement features Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers, providing enhanced resistance to magnetic fields, shocks, and temperature changes.
  3. GMT Functionality: The GMT-Master II series is renowned for its dual-time zone feature. With the additional 24-hour hand and rotating bezel, this watch enables tracking of two separate time zones simultaneously. It is particularly useful for frequent travelers or individuals who need to stay connected with different time zones.
  4. Eye-Catching Design: The M126710BLRO-0001 sports an attractive and versatile design. The iconic Oyster case, measuring 40mm in diameter, is crafted from Oystersteel, a corrosion-resistant and highly robust stainless steel alloy. The bi-color blue and red Cerachrom bezel, commonly referred to as the “Pepsi” bezel, adds a touch of sophistication to the overall appearance.
  5. Luminescent Display: The Chromalight display on the dial ensures excellent legibility in any lighting conditions. The luminescent hour markers and hands emit a long-lasting blue glow, providing enhanced visibility in low-light environments.
  6. Waterproof and Robust: As with all Rolex watches, the GMT-Master II M126710BLRO-0001 is built to withstand challenging conditions. Its Oyster case ensures water resistance up to 100 meters (330 feet), making it suitable for various activities, including swimming and snorkeling.
  7. Heritage and Recognition: The GMT-Master II is a highly recognizable timepiece that carries a rich heritage. It has become an emblem of luxury and sophistication, being associated with adventurous explorers, pilots, and professionals in various industries. Owning a Rolex GMT-Master II connects you to a community of enthusiasts and connoisseurs.


  1. Price: One of the major drawbacks of the Rolex GMT-Master II M126710BLRO-0001 is its price tag. Rolex timepieces are luxury watches and come with a premium price. This model is no exception and may not be easily affordable for everyone.
  2. Availability and Waiting Lists: Due to high demand and limited production, obtaining a brand new GMT-Master II M126710BLRO-0001 directly from Rolex boutiques or authorized dealers can be a challenging task. Waiting lists and limited stock allocations are common, which can lead to frustration for those seeking immediate ownership.
  3. Lack of Adjustable Bracelet Sizing: The GMT-Master II M126710BLRO-0001 features the classic Oyster bracelet, which offers remarkable durability and comfort. However, adjusting the bracelet to achieve a perfect fit requires the removal or addition of individual links and may necessitate professional assistance.
  4. Ceramic Bezel Scratches: While the Cerachrom bezel is highly resistant to fading and scratches, it is not entirely immune to wear and tear. Although rare, accidental impacts or contact with abrasive surfaces can result in minor scratches or dings on the bezel, potentially affecting its pristine appearance.
  5. Limited Strap Options: Unlike some other watch models, the GMT-Master II M126710BLRO-0001 primarily comes with the Oyster bracelet, offering limited options for strap variation. While the Oyster bracelet is versatile and suitable for various occasions, some individuals may prefer the ability to switch between different strap styles.


The Rolex GMT-Master II M126710BLRO-0001 undoubtedly stands as an exceptional timepiece that combines elegance, functionality, and technical excellence. Its exquisite design, reliable movement, GMT functionality, and impressive accuracy make it a coveted choice for frequent travelers and watch enthusiasts alike. Despite a few minor drawbacks such as price and limited availability, the GMT-Master II M126710BLRO-0001 remains an iconic and highly respected watch in the horological world.

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