Rolex Caliber 1055

Brand: Rolex
Reference: 1055
Movement: Automatic
Display: Analog
Diameter: 28.50
Jewels: 25
Frequency: 18000
Date: Date, Day
Hands: Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Additionals: Chronometer

The Rolex Caliber 1055 is a mechanical movement used in certain vintage Rolex watches. It was a self-winding movement, commonly known as an automatic movement, which means it could be wound by the natural movement of the wearer’s wrist.

The Caliber 1055 was introduced in the 1950s and was used in various Rolex models, including the Date and the Datejust. It featured 25 jewels and had a power reserve of approximately 40 hours when fully wound.

One notable feature of the Caliber 1055 was its accuracy and reliability. Rolex has always been known for producing high-precision movements, and the Caliber 1055 was no exception. It had a frequency of 19,800 beats per hour (BPH) and was regulated to ensure accurate timekeeping.

The Caliber 1055 also had a quickset date function, allowing the wearer to easily adjust the date independently of the time. This feature was particularly convenient and made setting the date a breeze.

While the Caliber 1055 is considered a reliable and precise movement, it is important to note that vintage watches may require periodic servicing to maintain their performance. Routine maintenance, such as cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment, can help ensure the longevity of the movement and keep it running smoothly.

Overall, the Rolex Caliber 1055 is a respected and sought-after movement among collectors and enthusiasts for its historical significance and craftsmanship.

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