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Calvin Kein

Calvin Klein is an international lifestyle brand that represents bold and progressive ideals through a seductive and often minimalist aesthetic. It wants to excite and inspire through provocative imagery and extraordinary designs that engage all the senses. In the 1970s and 1980s, Calvin Klein designed mainly denim clothing. Over time, the range began to include sporty items, classic jackets, and men’s and women’s underwear. In 1992, Kate Moss, the designer’s favorite model, launched a collection of attractive underwear. The history of watches from Calvin Klein began in 1997 when the company combined the talents of its designers with the potential of the Swatch Group – the leader of the Swiss watch industry. At that time, the idea was born to create a new type of watch – a designer watch – that would serve as a fashion accessory. CK watches are eye-catching – sophisticated, minimalist, and modern. Their glossy surfaces and simple, elegant shapes have become synonymous with modern style. Calvin Klein’s concept of making the watch a part of the wardrobe, and coordinating it with clothes, bags, and shoes, has gained many followers.

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