The distinctive timepieces made by Urwerk are characterized by avant-garde technology, superior craftsmanship, and novel materials. The business was established in 1997 by chief designer Martin Frei and master watchmaker Felix Baumgartner. The pair wanted to promote the fusion of conventional watchmaking and cutting-edge, contemporary design.

The collections UR-Satellite, UR-Chronometry, UR-Special Projects, and Historical Pieces make up the current Urwerk catalog. The Opus 5 watch, produced in collaboration with Harry Winston in 2005, is one of the brand’s most well-known designs. This model has the first service indicator in the world and an incredible 122 hours of power reserve.
Reasons to Buy a Urwerk Watch

High-tech, future-oriented innovations
High-quality materials like gold, ceramic, carbon, and titanium
Unparalleled futuristic designs
AMC project: combines an atomic clock and mechanical watch
Worn by Robert Downey Jr.

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