Armin Strom is a Swiss watchmaking company known for its high-quality, handcrafted timepieces. Founded in 1967 by Armin Strom, the brand has a rich history of creating innovative and intricate watches. In 2006, the company was acquired by Swiss entrepreneur Serge Michel and watchmaker Claude Greisler, who revitalized the brand and focused on producing in-house movements. Below are five key features that characterize Armin Strom watches:

  1. In-House Calibers: One of the standout features of Armin Strom watches is the use of in-house developed and manufactured movements. The company has a strong focus on creating its own calibers, showcasing its expertise in watchmaking. These movements are often meticulously decorated and finely tuned for precision.
  2. Skeletonized Dials: Armin Strom is renowned for its skeletonized dials, allowing wearers to see the intricate mechanical movements inside the watch. Skeletonization is a complex art that involves cutting away parts of the dial and movement to reveal the inner workings of the watch. This feature not only showcases the craftsmanship but also adds a distinctive aesthetic to Armin Strom timepieces.
  3. Hand Engraving and Finishing: Armin Strom watches are known for their exquisite hand engraving and finishing. Skilled artisans meticulously decorate the movements, cases, and other components, adding unique and intricate designs. These decorative elements enhance the visual appeal of the watches and reflect the brand’s dedication to traditional craftsmanship.
  4. Limited Editions and Customization: Armin Strom produces limited edition watches, often in collaboration with artists or to commemorate special occasions. Additionally, the brand offers customization options, allowing customers to personalize their timepieces. This focus on exclusivity and customization appeals to collectors and enthusiasts seeking unique and individualized watches.
  5. Innovative Materials and Designs: Armin Strom explores innovative materials and designs to create visually striking and technically advanced watches. From experimenting with new case materials to incorporating unusual elements in their designs, the brand pushes the boundaries of traditional watchmaking. This innovation reflects a commitment to creating distinctive timepieces that stand out in the industry.
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