New Omega De Ville Prestige 424. Pro and Cons

The Omega De Ville Prestige 424. is a timepiece that boasts style, elegance, and a range of features that make it a popular choice among watch enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of this particular model, providing you with a comprehensive overview of its strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Classic Design: The De Ville Prestige 424. exhibits a timeless design that is both sophisticated and versatile. Its round stainless steel case, black dial, and Roman numeral hour markers evoke a sense of traditional luxury.
  2. Quality Construction: As with all Omega watches, the De Ville Prestige is crafted with precision and attention to detail. The case is expertly finished, resulting in a polished and refined appearance. The materials used in the construction of this timepiece are of the highest quality, ensuring longevity and durability.
  3. Impressive Movement: The watch is powered by the Omega Calibre 2500 self-winding movement, which is a modified ETA 2892-A2 movement. This automatic movement is highly accurate, reliable, and boasts a power reserve of 48 hours. It also features a quick set date function for added convenience.
  4. Omega Co-Axial Escapement: The De Ville Prestige 424. incorporates Omega’s Co-Axial escapement technology, which reduces friction, improves accuracy, and enhances the overall longevity of the movement. This feature sets it apart from many other watches in its price range.
  5. Versatile Size: With a case diameter of 39.5mm and a thickness of 8.8mm, the De Ville Prestige strikes a perfect balance between being too large and too small. It sits comfortably on a variety of wrist sizes, making it suitable for both formal occasions and everyday wear.
  6. Water Resistance: Although not a dedicated diving watch, the De Ville Prestige 424. offers a water resistance rating of 30 meters (100 feet). This level of water resistance ensures the watch can withstand splashes, rain, and brief immersion in water.
  7. Strap Options: The timepiece comes with a sleek black alligator leather strap that complements its elegant appearance. However, Omega also offers a selection of stainless steel bracelets or alternative leather straps, allowing you to customize the watch to your personal style and preference.


  1. Lack of a Second Time Zone: Some individuals may find the absence of a second time zone function limiting, especially if they frequently travel or need to keep track of different time zones. However, this function is not expected on a classic dress watch like the De Ville Prestige.
  2. Limited Lume: The watch does not feature luminescent markers or hands, making it less legible in low-light conditions. While this is not uncommon in dress watches, it may be a drawback for those looking for optimal readability in all lighting situations.
  3. Limited Water Resistance: While the 30-meter water resistance rating is sufficient for everyday use, it is worth noting that this watch is not suitable for swimming or diving. If you require a timepiece for water activities, you may want to consider a dedicated diving watch.
  4. Lack of Innovative Features: The De Ville Prestige 424. is a classic dress watch that focuses on elegant design and reliable timekeeping. It does not offer any additional complications or advanced features that some watch enthusiasts may desire, such as a chronograph or a moon phase.
  5. Price Point: The Omega De Ville Prestige 424. is positioned in the mid to upper range of luxury watches. While it offers excellent quality and craftsmanship, the price may be a significant factor for some buyers.


The Omega De Ville Prestige 424. is a watch that exudes classic elegance and sophistication. Its quality construction, impressive movement, and timeless design make it a favorite among watch enthusiasts. The inclusion of the Omega Co-Axial escapement technology adds to its value and overall reliability.

While it may lack certain advanced features and innovative technologies present in other models, the De Ville Prestige focuses on delivering traditional style and dependable performance. The limited water resistance and absence of a second time zone function are minor drawbacks, but not necessarily deal-breakers for those seeking a classic dress watch.

Ultimately, whether the Omega De Ville Prestige 424. is the right watch for you will depend on your personal preferences and requirements. If you appreciate timeless design, impeccable craftsmanship, and reliable timekeeping, this timepiece may be an excellent choice.

New Omega De Ville Prestige 424.

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