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New Mido Multifort M0054301603180

SGD $1,170.00

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  • SGD $1,170.00
  • SGD $1,170.00
  • SGD $1,170.00
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New Mido Multifort M0054301603180 are in Singapore dollars, request coupon discount from our seller for the best price. All-Time Low Prices for Men & Women’s Luxury Watches. Free Worldwide Shipping.


New Mido Multifort M0054301603180

New Mido Multifort M0054301603180

Mido Multifort Gent M005.430.16.031.80.


Mido draws its inspiration for the Multifort Gentleman Swiss watch from the architecture of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Multifort’s characteristic Geneva stripes on the dial recall the suspension cables on the Bridge. But the robustness and exceptional longevity of this collection, which has been in production since 1934, also define the Multifort Gentleman as a sporty watch that has stood the test of time. Its Caliber 80 automatic movement adds to this robustness by giving it up to 80 hours of power reserve.


New Mido Multifort M0054301603180 New Mido Multifort M0054301603180 New Mido Multifort M0054301603180 New Mido Multifort M0054301603180

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