How To Define Your Watch Condition Grades [Watch Comparison]

Our sellers at timezone365.com are urged to describe the watches to the best of their knowledge and belief. The following classification for describing the condition of a watch was developed by us in order to provide you with an estimate of the watch’s condition.

It should be noted that the classification, however, serves only as a guide as the estimation of the condition of a watch is always subjective. Therefore, it is possible that buyer and seller may have different views of the condition of a specific watch.

We recommend that you take a very close look at the pictures posted by the seller, particularly for watches in the categories 1-3, in order to avoid disappointment due to unexpected defects. If you are very interested in a watch for which an insufficient number of pictures have been posted, we recommend asking the seller for more pictures.


0 (unworn)

  • Brand-new or new from old warehouse stock
  • New items from old warehouse stock may show slight traces of storage

1 (mint)

  • No or very few signs of use
  • Glass, hands, dial and case in very good condition
  • Movement in very good condition
  • Movement serviced to an adequate extent
  • May have been polished

2 (fine)

  • Slight or visible signs of use and scratches
  • Glass, hands, dial and case in good condition
  • No large dents. No hair-line cracks.
  • Repairs carried out using original parts only
  • Movement in good condition, possibly serviced
  • May have been polished

3 (fair)

  • Visible signs of use on the case and/or dial
  • Glass may have been replaced
  • Small dents
  • Fully functional
  • May have been polished
  • May contain non-original spare parts
  • Movement may require servicing

4 (poor)

  • Heavy signs of use
  • Case severely dented or scratched
  • Dial, hands and/or glass need replacing
  • May not be fully functional
  • May have been polished
  • May contain non-original spare parts

5 (scrap)

  • Case, movement, dial or hands missing
  • Suitable only for retrieval of spare parts
  • Not functional
  • May contain non-original spare parts
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