Guarantee of Authenticity Both (Watches & Seller)

Scope of Application #

  1. The TIMEZONE365 PTE LTD, 71 UBI ROAD 1 #08-43 OXLEY BIZHUB Singapore 408732 (hereinafter referred to as “timezone365”) is the operator of the timezone365 online marketplace for high-quality watches (hereinafter “the platform”).
  2. The following Guarantee of Authenticity only applies to watches purchased from professional dealers on this platform. Private sellers are not subject to the Guarantee of Authenticity.
  3. The currently applicable conditions of this Authenticity Guarantee can be downloaded and printed out at

timezone365 warrants by the following guidelines that the watch is not a counterfeit: #

Guidelines for new/unworn watches:

  • Every new/unworn watch shall be in unaltered condition – as delivered by the manufacturer (apart from protective films or tags).
  • If accessories such as wristbands, boxes, etc. are not original or not as delivered by the manufacturer, the vendor has to inform about this in the respective product description.
  • New/unworn watches that have been “modded” or decorated subsequently have to be marked as “custom” in the respective product description.
  • Warranty period: The luxury watch is covered by a warranty for a specified period. Please refer to the documentation provided with the watch for the exact warranty period. The brand warranty ensures that you are protected against any unexpected manufacturing defects that may arise during the specified period.
  • Manufacturing defects: We take pride in the quality of our luxury watches, and our warranty covers any manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. If you encounter any issues with your luxury watch related to manufacturing defects, please contact our customer service for prompt assistance. We will be happy to provide the necessary support to resolve any issues you may have.
  • Exclusions: While our warranty provides comprehensive coverage, there are certain exclusions to be aware of. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, damage caused by accidents, misuse, or unauthorized repairs or modifications. It also does not cover damage caused by water or exposure to extreme conditions. We encourage you to take proper care of your luxury watch to ensure its longevity and to avoid any situations that may void the warranty.
  • Proof of purchase: To claim warranty service, you will need to provide valid proof of purchase, such as a receipt or invoice. This ensures that we can verify your eligibility for warranty coverage and provide the necessary assistance.

Guidelines for used watches:

Watches are objects of daily use that are subject to wear and tear. It is therefore self-evident that watches require maintenance. A watch that was sent for revision still is an original, authentic watch, even if components have been exchanged. The elements affected by such exchange or replacement often are the protective glass, the watch dial, certain springs and worn parts in the mechanism, housing sealing, screws, or sets of hands. Even for proven experts, it is often impossible to trace all repairs (e.g. each exchanged component and its originality or the use of an identical component from another manufacturer, such as screws) in a watch when appraising the watch movement. The exchange or replacement of elements does not impair the originality of the purchased object.

On these premises, the following applies to used watches:

  • The vendor shall check the watch for possible repairs or replacement parts.
  • The vendor shall inform about known deviations from the original condition in the respective product description.
  • It can not be guaranteed that used watches feature original wristbands or complete accessories. However, the vendor shall inform about known deviations as detailed as possible.

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