Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why Buy An Official Brand Warranty Good?

    All of our new, unworn, and special order watches come with a manufacturer warranty. The length of this may vary according to brand but the standard ranges from 2-8 years. If your watch requires repair and is covered by a manufacturer warranty you will be able to send it either directly to them through one of their service centers, or by dropping it into an authorized dealer or a brand boutique. The Official Watches warranty covers mechanical and manufacturing defects refer to the brand website for more information. Should your watch require attention, they will diagnose and repair it without charge within the warranty period. Peace of mind is important.


    • The watch is not opened by anyone if so brand watchmaker will know and your warranty is avoided.

    In-House Company Warranty Different?

    Any online companies or stores cannot

  • How to track my order?
    You will receive an email from us after you have placed the order. You’ll get confirmation in your email when you purchase and we’ll let you know when your order is on the move. You will be able to track your order through your preferred shipping partner.
  • What are my payment options?
    We accept all the popular payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amazon Pay, American Express and Google Pay.

Shipping & Delivery

  • Do you ship overseas?
    Yes, we ship all over the world. Please note that additional shipping costs will be applied based on your delivery location.
  • Do you offer free shipping?
    Yes, free shipping is available for all the orders that's placed inside the United States. We charge shipping fees for overseas orders.
  • How long does the delivery take?
    We usually take 3-5 business days for your order to be shipped & delivered.

Refund & Exchange

  • How long does it take to get the Refund?
    Once we receive your return, please allow us 3-5 business days for your refund to process. Refund amount will be automatically debited to the same form of payment originally used for purchase.
  • How do I track my Refund?
    To track the status of your refund, kindly refer to your confirmation email that you have received from us.
  • What is your Refund & Exchange Policy?
    You can ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase. Returned items must be in the exact same condition as they were received.

Sell Watches For Us

  • How does the Affiliate Associates Program work?

    You can share products and available programs on timezone365 with your audience through customized linking tools and earn money on qualifying purchases and customer actions like signing up for an account and you can start.


  • Coupon Terms and Condition

    A coupon term is a set of specific conditions and requirements that are associated with a coupon or discount offer. These terms outline the details and limitations of the coupon, such as the expiration date, eligible products or services, minimum purchase amount, and any other restrictions that may apply. Understanding the coupon term is crucial for users to take full advantage of the discount and ensure that they meet all the necessary criteria to redeem the offer. By carefully reading and comprehending the coupon term, users can make informed decisions about whether or not to use the coupon and how to maximize its benefits. It is important to note that the coupon term can vary from one offer to another, so it is essential to review the specific terms and conditions for each coupon before making a purchase. Additionally, some coupon terms may include specific instructions or codes that need to be followed or entered during the checkout process to apply the discount successfully. Taking the time to familiarize oneself with the coupon term can help users avoid any confusion or disappointment when trying to redeem the coupon. Overall, understanding and adhering to the coupon term can lead to significant savings and a more satisfying shopping experience.

    Coupon Terms and Conditions:

    • This coupon is valid for one-time use only. It cannot be used multiple times.
    • The coupon cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. It cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts, deals, or coupons.
    • The coupon is not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. It is non-transferable and has no cash value.
    • The coupon is applicable only on eligible products as specified. It can only be used on products that are specified as eligible for the coupon. Any ineligible products will not be eligible for the coupon discount.
    • The coupon is subject to expiration and may have usage restrictions. It has an expiration date, after which it will no longer be valid. Additionally, there may be certain restrictions on how it can be used, such as a minimum purchase requirement or specific product categories it can be applied to.
    • The coupon is void if copied, altered, or reproduced. Any copies, alterations, or reproductions of the coupon will be considered void and will not be accepted.
    • The coupon is valid at participating locations only. It can only be used at specific participating locations that accept the coupon. Please check the list of participating locations before attempting to use the coupon.
    • I would like to address the issue regarding the non-refundable coupon. As per our policy, all particular coupon is not eligible for a refund under any circumstances. We understand that this may cause inconvenience, but it is essential to maintain fairness and consistency for all our customers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your understanding in this matter.
    • The coupon may be revoked or modified at any time without prior notice. The terms of the coupon may change or it may be revoked without any prior notice. It is advisable to regularly check for updates or changes to the coupon terms and conditions.

    Please read the complete terms and conditions before using the coupon.

About Selling

  • Become A Vendor

    If you are considering becoming a vendor, there are several advantages and opportunities that await you. By becoming a vendor, you can take control of your own business and have the freedom to work on your own terms. Whether you are selling physical products or offering services, being a vendor gives you the flexibility to choose your own pricing, set your own hours, and determine your own strategies for success.

    One of the key benefits of becoming a vendor is the potential for increased income. As a vendor, you have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and tap into new markets. By showcasing your products or services at events, markets, or online platforms, you can attract more customers and increase your sales. This can lead to higher profits and financial stability for your business.

    Another advantage of becoming a vendor is the ability to build relationships with your customers. By directly interacting with your buyers, you can establish a personal connection and gain valuable feedback. This allows you to better understand your customers' needs and preferences, enabling you to tailor your offerings to their desires. Building strong customer relationships can also lead to repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals, helping you to grow your customer base organically.

    Furthermore, becoming a vendor gives you the opportunity to showcase your creativity and express your unique style. Whether you are selling handmade crafts, offering personalized services, or providing niche products, being a vendor allows you to share your passion and expertise with the world. You can differentiate yourself from competitors by offering unique and innovative products, and attract customers who appreciate your distinctive offerings.

    Additionally, being a vendor can provide you with a sense of fulfillment and purpose. When you are in control of your own business, you have the satisfaction of seeing your hard work translate into success. You can pursue your passions and turn them into a profitable venture. Being a vendor allows you to align your work with your values, creating a fulfilling and rewarding career.

    In conclusion, becoming a vendor offers numerous opportunities for growth, income generation, and personal fulfillment. It allows you to take charge of your own business, build relationships with customers, and showcase your creativity. So, if you are considering starting your own venture, becoming a vendor could be an excellent choice. Take the leap and explore the exciting world of entrepreneurship as a vendor!

Buy Protection

  • How can I pay for an order using an escrow service?

    Many listings offer payment processing. In these cases, you transfer payment to a secure escrow account, where it is kept safe until you have the watch in your hands. Our team is always available to help ensure your purchase runs smoothly. You can learn more about payment processing here:

New Vendor Register

  • Create a private or vendor account?

    If you're looking to create a vendor profile or provide information for a real service, you'll need to provide accurate details about the company, including its name, address, contact information, and any other pertinent details. If "" is a real service, you should be able to find information about it on their official website or through other reliable sources.

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