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[Singapore] How do I ship my items?

[Singapore] How do I ship my items?

What We Believe

What We Believe

Which payment methods is available?

Many listings offer payment processing on timezone365. In these cases, you can either pay by credit card or bank transfer. Your money goes into a secure escrow account, where it is kept safe until you have the watch in your hands. The timezone365 team is always available to help ensure the entire purchasing process runs smoothly

You can find further information about paying via timezone365 here:

  • Buying from a commercial dealer.
  • Buying from a private seller.

COVID-19 keeping our community safe on timezone365

COVID-19 keeping our community safe on timezone365

1. General tips & advice  

As a community, let’s fight COVID-19 together. We’re working with sellers to price surgical masks reasonably so everyone who needs a surgical mask can get it affordably.

  1. Maintain good personal hygiene
  2. Avoid crowded places and close contact with people who are unwell
  3. Use surgical masks if you’re feeling unwell to prevent the spread of germs to others
  4. Opt for mailing/delivery (with timezone365 Protection for everyone) instead of meet-ups

Our Approach

Our Approach

We have implemented different measures to build a robust and holistic Trust & Safety strategy — from the design of various features to keep the platform safe and trusted for all users, to mechanisms for removing infringements and preventing bad actors (not just in a passive reactive manner, but also using technology and data science to proactively detect bad actors). Finally, we also actively coordinate with external stakeholders to share best practices and exchange information to help us advance our safety efforts. Find out more below!

Introduction to general quota of 30 active listings for everyone

Introduction to general quota of 30 active listings for everyone

timezone365.com has implemented a general quota of 30 active listings at a time per user across all categories and Services. With active curation of quality listings, buyers can find what they want more easily and you can, in turn, sell quicker.

timezone365l remains free to use for all our users and you may continue to sell multiple items, 30 active listings at a time. Remaining listings will be saved in your profile as inactive. Once listings are sold, you can mark more as active. You can also choose to change your selection of active and inactive listings, for free.

For sellers with 30 or fewer listings, 

Sit back and relax—your listings will automatically be marked as active and shown to buyers.

For sellers with more than 30 listings,

Your 30 most recent listings will be kept active for discovery, chats and offers. Listings exceeding the quota become inactive and will not be shown to buyers from 25 August. You can see which listings are active by going to ‘Manage quota’ on your profile.


What is a general quota?

A general quota is the maximum number of active listings you may have on your profile at a time. All sellers are entitled to a general quota of 30 active listings at a time across all categories. Only listings labelled as active on your profile will count towards your quota. Sellers who want a higher quota (above 30 active listings) can choose from our subscription plans.

How will this help sellers be more successful in the marketplace?

General quotas increase the number of high-quality, desirable listings and reduce the number of low-quality listings. As a seller, you’ll experience fairer visibility of your listings—which helps buyers find desired items from a variety of sellers—and higher selling success.

I see new labels on my listings. What are these?

Listings can be either active, inactive, reserved or sold.

Active Buyers can see these listings, make an offer or start a chat with you. Only active listings can be found and promoted on the marketplace. They are counted towards the general quota.
Inactive Listings that exceed quota. They are not shown when buyers search or browse. You’ll not receive chats or offers for them. They are not counted towards the general quota.
Sold/Reserved Listings that you’ve marked as sold or reserved can be seen on your profile, but buyers can no longer make an offer or chat with you. They are not counted towards the general quota.


If I have more than 30 listings, what can I do to manage my listings before 25 August 2020?

There are two ways:

1. You can mark the listings you don’t need, as inactive, by changing their status (subject to listing insertion limits). Bulk actions are available on the app and the web. Simply select the listings and choose an action at the bottom.


2. You can subscribe to a 30-day free trial of CarouBiz to enjoy an increased quota and a suite of premium seller tools to help you stand out. Check out our CarouBiz plans and your eligibility for a free trial.

Where can I see my general quota and how many I have left?

You can see your general quota and listing insertion details on the ‘Manage quota’ page.

Listing insertions is the number of times you may create a new listing or mark a listing as active per month. It is calculated as 2 times of your general quota. If you’d like to increase your general quota or listing insertions,  you may check out our plans.


On 25 August 2022, what happens if I’m running a Bump or Spotlight on my listing that is being marked as inactive?

For Bumps, you’ll receive a refund for the listings you bumped within 3 working days. The refund amount will be based on the number of remaining days for your Bump.

For Spotlights, you’re only charged when you receive clicks. When your listing status switches to inactive, your Spotlight campaign will stop automatically and you’ll not be charged further.

I don’t see my listings being marked as inactive/active yet. Why?

For some users, it may take up to 72 hours before the general quota is effective in your account. Do ensure that your app is updated too.


If you have more questions about the new listing policy, feel free to contact our team.



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