Bell & Ross BR 03 Blue Steel BR03A-BLU-ST/SCA Pro and Cons

Bell & Ross is a renowned Swiss watchmaking company that is known for its distinctive and rugged timepieces. The Bell & Ross BR 03 Blue Steel (model number BR03A-BLU-ST/SCA) is one of their popular models, featuring a striking blue dial and steel case. In this review, we will delve into the pros and cons of this timepiece, providing a detailed analysis of its design, functionality, and overall appeal. 


1. Unique Design: One of the standout features of the Bell & Ross BR 03 Blue Steel is its unique design. The square case with rounded edges, combined with the striking blue dial, gives it a visually appealing and distinctive look. This watch is a great choice for those who appreciate unconventional designs and want to make a bold statement.

2. Robust Build Quality: Bell & Ross is well-known for its durability and precision, and the BR 03 Blue Steel lives up to that reputation. The stainless steel case provides excellent protection for the movement inside, making it highly resilient to daily wear and tear. The sapphire crystal on the front is scratch-resistant, ensuring long-term visibility and durability.

3. Legibility: The blue dial of the BR 03 Blue Steel offers excellent legibility, thanks to the large white Arabic numerals and matching hour and minute hands. The contrast between the blue dial and the white indices and hands ensures clear and easy reading, even in low-light conditions. The inclusion of Superluminova coating on the hands and markers further enhances visibility in the dark.

4. Size and Comfort: This watch has a 42mm case diameter, which strikes the perfect balance between a sports watch and a dress watch. The size is versatile, suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Additionally, the BR 03 Blue Steel features a comfortable and adjustable blue calfskin strap, providing a secure fit on the wrist.

5. Automatic Movement: The BR 03 Blue Steel is powered by an automatic movement, specifically the caliber BR-CAL.302. This Swiss-made movement ensures accurate timekeeping and reliable performance. The automatic winding mechanism eliminates the need for regular manual winding, making it convenient for daily wear.

6. Water Resistance: This timepiece boasts a water resistance rating of 100 meters (330 feet), making it suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and other water-related activities. Although not intended for professional diving, the water resistance is more than adequate for typical day-to-day use and occasional recreational water sports.


1. Price: The Bell & Ross BR 03 Blue Steel is positioned as a luxury watch and comes with a correspondingly high price tag. The fine craftsmanship, materials, and Swiss craftsmanship all contribute to the cost. While it may be considered an investment piece by some, the price may be prohibitive for others looking for a more affordable option.

2. Limited Color Options: While the blue dial of the BR Ross is well-regarded within the watch community, the brand may not have the same level of widespread recognition as some other luxury watch brands. For some individuals, the lesser brand recognition may be a drawback when it comes to prestige and status.


The Bell & Ross BR 03 Blue Steel (BR03A-BLU-ST/SCA) is a visually striking timepiece with a unique design and robust build quality. Its standout features include an unconventional square case design, excellent legibility, Swiss automatic movement, and good water resistance. However, the higher price point, limited color options, lack of a date function, and lesser brand recognition may be drawbacks for some potential buyers. Overall, the BR 03 Blue Steel is an excellent choice for those seeking a statement piece that combines distinctive design with durability and reliability.

Bell & Ross BR 03 Blue Steel BR03A-BLU-ST/SCA

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The Bell & Ross BR 03 Auto is a sleek and sophisticated wristwatch renowned for its precision and style. With a robust automatic movement, this timepiece ensures accurate timekeeping. Its distinctive square-shaped case and aviation-inspired design make it a unique and attractive accessory for watch enthusiasts and those with a penchant for contemporary horology.

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